Blue Note Consulting was founded with the belief that the best ideas often come from unexpected places.

The best ideas emerge when people are free to think and explore when and how they work best. Original and creative solutions often happen when you look across disciplines and draw on the best ideas, regardless of the source.

By combining the best of virtual teams, worldwide recruiting and out-of-the-box thinking we provide world-class consulting services for a fair price.

Our Values


Creativity often involves drawing on many different perspectives to find the best solutions. Every area of expertise can bring a new perspective to a problem. Sometimes nature provides the inspiration – sometimes you can reach across your experience and put two ways of thinking together in a new way. We nuture and foster creativity among our team members and distill that into a solution that we bring to our clients.


We believe that people do their best work when they are given room to operate. Our team members can solve problems at their desks or at the beach – we don’t care where the idea comes from – just that it solves the problem. We also know that honesty matters. Good news or bad – problem or solutions – we operate on the idea that kindly delivered truth is the best in the long and the short run.


Blue Note Consulting is all about ideas. Clients come to us needing a fresh prespective on a problem. Our job is to understand the problem and then find the idea to solve the problem. Where the idea comes from – who comes up with it – it’s all the same to us.


We live in a technological golden age. The tools available to communicate and collaborate have never existed before. Our world is changing every day and how you use the technology around you determines if you feel liberated or confined. The best tools make possible what we do every day.