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Knowing who your customer is – how you can connect  – and how they can be reached – are all at the core of marketing. Knowing how to target your customers with the right message at the right time and through the right channel is the difference between success and failure. We can work with you across the entire marketing spectrum. Our team will work with you on research, strategy, messaging, targeting, implementation and ongoing monitoring to accelerate your marketing development.

Business Planning

Preparing a great business plan is tough. Not only do you need a detailed plan that supports your idea – you also need a concise summary and a short “pitch deck” to help communicate your idea. This also needs to happen while you’re running your business. Our team will take an objective look at your business and assemble a strong and well-written business plan. From that we’ll distill the key information into a short summary and a crisp set of slides.

Financial Analysis

If you’re not sure what your numbers are telling you, or want to get an idea of the impact of a future product or service, our financial team can help. We can analyze your existing financial statements, develop financial projections or put together a model for a specific product to help with your decision making. Our team understands both accounting and finance so we bring both perspectives to every project we do.

Strategic Analysis

It’s not always easy to decide on your next move. Should you release a new product? Should you expand to a new market? Should you make changes to grow your existing business? We can help you understand what’s happening in the market and what different strategic options would mean for your business. Our team brings a unique perspective from working across a wide variety of industries and sections and we base our recommendations on an unbiased analytical viewpoint to help you make the best, and most profitable decision.


CRM Implementation

One of the most exciting opportunities for businesses is the availability of cost effective web-based CRM systems. The cost has dropped while the number of features has skyrocketed. But getting the best CRM for your company up and running is not easy. Our CRM implementation team will work with you to chose and install a new system, or make needed changes to the system you already have. We do this with as little an impact to your ongoing operations as possible.


Fundraising Strategy

You need to raise money but you’re not sure what you should do? Talk to venture capitalists? Angel investors? Is crowdsourcing an option? We can work with you to find your best options and prepare you to talk to potential investors. Our team will look at your business with an investor’s prospective so you can be ready to raise money.