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At Blue Note, we help people just like you tell compelling and comprehensive stories that engage and connect with investors, fast. We equip you with an analytically-sound pitch deck, financial model and business plan so that in just a few weeks, you’re ready to meet with investors, answer their questions, and get the investment you need.

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“Chris is one of the top consultants I’ve worked with. Extremely professional – easy to communicate, dive deep into your problem, give thoughtful advice and deliver the quality solution on-time.”

You know your idea is great but you also know you need investment to propel things forward. That’s where Blue Note come in. With a focus on outcomes and an honest and smart approach, we’ll help get you funded so you can take your business to that next level.

To get investment, you need a comprehensive and compelling story. And you need a narrative that brings together all the component pieces. At Blue Note, we’re proud to be able to offer that very service. What’s more, our experience working with investors means your story will be truly persuasive. One that resonates with investors to get you to your next funding round and beyond.

We have deep expertise across areas such as marketing, finance, sales and operations, to name just a few. Our team will prepare you with great materials that won’t just engage with investors on their level but will also shorten the time it takes for you to get funded.

He is a great listener and is very effective at moving me to the next phase. He brings ideas to the table, he applies his experience to help me grow. He is fast and accurate. The final product always looks great. I have hired him many times and will continue to hire Chris.
Outstanding work, great communication, great advice and our firm recommends Chris to any corporation or individual.
Chris is a consummate professional and reliable performer. Highest recommendation.
Chris was a pleasure to work with. He is very attentive to detail and also gave great feedback and guidance.
Chris has reviewed hundreds of business plans and is very knowledgeable on how they should be structured and how to best shape them for investor funding. He is a very effective teacher. I highly recommend him to any startup that would benefit from an expert eye.

What We Do

You’re an expert at what you do and you’re passionate about your company. But to get investment, you need an objective look at your company.

Our team are experts in doing just that.

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We build strong and comprehensive business plans that cover:

  • Strategic analysis and product positioning.
  • Competitor and market research.
  • Marketing strategy, messaging and targeting.
  • Financial projections and summaries.



September 2019

Chris Matey

Are you trying to raise money from investors, VC’s, angels or private equity funds?

Are you having a hard time securing the funds you need to take your business to the next level?

You’re not alone. Like many entrepreneurs, you know your idea is great and you know you’re ready to get to the next stage, but you also know you need investment to propel things forward.

But angels, investors, VC’s – none of them know you, they’ve never heard of your company before, and they probably know very little about the market you’re in.

It’s a quandary nearly every one of my past clients has been in.

But with a focus on outcomes and deep expertise across areas such as marketing, finance, sales and operations – to name just a few – I can help you engage and connect with investors, fast.

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